the way we think about “struggling”

I woke up to this amazing story on NPR.  I hope you can find time to read the transcript or listen to it.  

It emphasizes that the way we think about struggling with difficulty has some serious implications for our children in their learning.
At Chrysalis we often encourage children to choose the “more challenging” puzzle.  And when they struggle to do something, we give them the time it takes.  
Sometimes it is the simplest thing.  “I need a pencil.”  Often it is easier to jump up and get something for a child, but we give them the opportunity to find it on their own.
Or during a conflict we allow the children to come up with solutions instead of “being the authority” and telling them what is going to happen.  “What do you think we should do about this?”  “I don’t know”  “We have time for you to think about it.”
If we can impress on our children that learning takes place during struggle, that it takes hard work to figure things out, that being “good at something” is the result of working and practicing rather than being “smart” we have prepared them for the journey that is life.

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