Chrysalis has a few openings

The hardest thing about running a successful, small preschool is that we often have to turn down some wonderful families and children.  There just isn’t room for everyone.  I sometimes meet people years later who remember me from Chrysalis and tell me “We didn’t get in.”  It is a terrible feeling!

One year I had to send 45 letters to people who we just did not have room for.  (That is the year I quit advertising.)  Chrysalis is small.  It is not because the children weren’t wonderful or I thought the parents wouldn’t fit in.  It has always been about numbers and trying to balance the class with enough 3, 4 and 5 year olds and some boys and some girls.

This year we DO have some openings.  Partly because of a lot of graduates last spring, partly because of the economy, and partly because there are more choices out there than ever before.

So tell your friends.  If they are looking for a nurturing school with experienced, professional teachers and a beautiful classroom, have them look at the web site and give us a call.  503 287 8481

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