Halloween Candy and how do we deal with it?

There are lots of good ideas about how to deal with all the goodies collected during trick or treat.  Some parents tell their child they can eat all they want after they get home and then the candy disappears overnight.  Some parents dole out one piece a day until it is gone.  Some people introduce yet another imaginary character into their child’s life and leave the candy outside the bedroom door for the sugar fairy who leaves a toy in its place.



Which is best?  It is up to the parents.  I think getting in the habit of a piece of candy a day is not something we want to start with children so young.  I like the idea of trading it for a toy, but it puts mom and dad in danger of eating it all. I say enjoy it!  Let your child see what it feels like to eat too much candy.  Everyone warns about a tummy ache.  Who knows if it is real or just a mommy myth?

Enjoy Halloween.  It is a magical thing to be able to walk up to stranger’s houses and they open their doors and give you candy!  Be safe.

And PLEASE no candy before school in the morning!

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