October 29th

What does Halloween mean for preschool children?  It is a time of ambivalence for many.  They kind of like to be scared and look at the scary things, but on the other hand they are SCARED!  At Chrysalis we make it a little bit spooky but not too spooky.

The skeleton family moved into the doll house and it is fun for the children to be able to move these bendable toys around and put them into bed or the bathtub.  We also have a few new plush toys out that children can hold and play with.  The problem with many of the scary decorations that children see this time of year is that they are just for looking at and, thus, much more scary than something children can manipulate.

Playdough has been full of pumpkins and ghosts!  the children love pounding golf tees into a pumpkin and today our oranges for snack looked like little pumpkins.









With lots of pictures of costumes in our collage activity, the children can start to see what it means to be in a costume.  We have heard from many of them what they will be wearing on Halloween, but when the day comes, it is still overwhelming sometimes to see your friends and teachers look so different.



There are lots of wonderful stories and books about trick or treating and Joan has written some wonderful songs that we have been singing together.  Hope to see you all on Wednesday for our party.  We will not have lunch at school that day (except for the children who stay for the afternoon.)  We will eat a substantial snack in the morning before the festivities begin.

Today we voted again.  This time “Should we go to the Park?”  or “Play in the back yard?”.  It was a tie.  Which is more–3 or 3?  3!   So we voted again and again had a tie, so we called in the tiebreaker, Joan, who settled it and we went to the park.


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