October 26

Today we talked a little about voting.  We voted for our favorite apple.  At snack time everyone got a slice of a granny smith green apple, a golden delicious yellow apple, and a gala red apple.  They also got some crackers and a ballot in their bowl.

After they tasted their apples, the idea was they would mark their favorite apple and then fold it up and put it in the ballot box.  Here is what we noticed:  Some children knew which one they wanted to vote for before they ever tasted their apples.  Some wanted to vote without having snack.  Some loved folding up their ballot but forgot to mark it.  Some kids said they didn’t want to vote.  All things that happen in elections all the time!  We will continue to have some opportunities for children to vote in the next few weeks.  I hope all of you are doing your part by voting!





By the way, it was a close race.  Golden Delicious got 5 votes and the other two each got 4.

For Solja’s birthday today we ate popsicles at outside time.  And Solja carried the earth around the sun THREE times!  Hurrah.







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