water carriers unite!

At Chrysalis today we  figured out a way to make some irrigation for the tomatoes which grow too close to the house to get rained on.  We used a gutter trough to collect water from the watering can and stepping stones to elevate the trough so it would slope downward.
Then the kids started pouring water in and watching it water the plants.  Two kids decided they were the bosses or captains and we making lots of demands about where the kids needed to put the water.  One of the teachers stepped in and said that if they were not doing the work, they didn’t get to make the rules and the workers can decide where they wanted to pour the water they carried.
So we had a little mini communist revolution at Chrysalis and it all ended with the workers taking charge.  
photo 1.JPG

  But really we talked about different kinds of models of business.  Sometimes there is a boss that tells the workers what to do and sometimes the workers get to make their own decisions.
One of the kids talked about taking a drama class where they never got around to performing the play because one of the kids in the class couldn’t make up his mind which character he wanted to be.  I told them that when Blake and Lily are in plays, and in most adult plays, there is a director who tells you what part to play and pretty much tells you what to do.  
We are learning all those hard things about the world.  Wouldn’t it be awful if you always had to do what a boss told you?  And wouldn’t it be awful if everyone got to do whatever they wanted in other situations?

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