the lights are hot, and other holiday hazards

As you will see the Christmas tree in our living room now has lights and ornaments. Yesterday two children came in and told me “The lights are hot”. True. This is a great time to teach your kids–Don’t touch light bulbs! They are hot! There are lots of things that are out only at this time of year that children may not have learned about. Ornaments on the tree are fun to look at –but don’t touch. They can come off or break. Snow globes are fun and magical but if you are rough with them or drop them, they will break.

When my son was three I heard an enormous crash and came down to find the whole tree had fallen over on top of him. He was laying under it saying “I can’t get the bear off, mom!” Luckily he wasn’t hurt and it makes a great holiday memory. But we may have not been so lucky.

So remember to teach your children (again, maybe) how to be careful.

Another danger that we may overlook is having guests in our house. We are all used to child-proofing as we go when we have young children and would never think of lighting a candle on a low side table or leaving a sharp knife in a toddler’s grasp. But visitors are not usually aware.

Once when Blake was 2 he came downstairs and was bleeding. He had 4 or 5 very fine cuts on his cheek. When I asked what happened he said “nothing” but looked incredibly guilty. Turns out my brother had left his razor on the sink in the kid’s bathroom and Blake had tried shaving! Luckily it wasn’t too much damage.

Candles and fire are more things to watch for. They are wonderful magical things, but children should learn to be very careful around them.

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