Keep this in mind:

“Every stage of development is complete in itself.  The 3 year old is not an incomplete 5 year old.  The child is not an incomplete adult.  Never are we simply on our way.  Always we have arrived!  Enjoy now.”  JC Pearce

This doesn’t mean we don’t prepare for the future.  Everything we do in preschool prepares the child for life.

But we don’t sit them down and require that they write because they will be expected to next year in Kindergarten.  In Kindergarten, we should not expect them to sit in desks in rows because they will need to do that in first grade.  We don’t expect two and three year olds to “produce” representational drawings because we see the four and five year olds doing it.

Gradually children stretch.  They can focus for longer now than they could in the fall.  They remember now where their cubbies are and which one is recycling and which is trash.  Puzzles start to make sense as they look both at the picture and the shape as they are putting them together.

Letters start to connect with sounds for some of them and they recognize lots of words–especially their friends’ names.  Counting goes from rote to corresponding with groups of objects.

It is amazing to watch the progression of the class as a whole and the individuals within.

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