Baby its cold outside!

We have still been enjoying our walks in the neighborhood and our run through the park.  Cold, yes.  But also clear and sometimes the light is really gorgeous.  We walk through the maze of puddles, noticing the shapes as they change from day to day.  We see the man and his dog at the park who bring squirrel food each day and watch the squirrels run towards his path in anticipation.

The slides are wet and the soccer field is really soggy, but we all wear our water-proof boots and we can do anything!  Have you read the book  “Last Child in the Woods…saving our children from nature deficit” ?  Great book that explains why it is important for children to have time outside.

3 comments so far

  1. Leigh Anne Dew on

    Colleen, I love it! Congratulations, I’m looking forward to following your posts. Leigh Anne

  2. jill on

    i read through the whole blog… love the lay out and info. i’m trying a new entrance tomorrow. we’ll see if amelia leads the way. 🙂

    • colleen strohm on

      That is great. Thanks. I don’t really think you are responsible for how she is acting, but you can try!

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